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  J Vigilant    Product Description    Benefits     

J Vigilant- Computerized Access Control System




J Vigilant is a computerized access control system build to cater to customers access control needs.

Our consistent efforts through in-house research, development, prototyping, and testing have lead to the development of J Vigilant that combines leading-edge technologies and our specially designed and developed software alongwith our responsive customer services that gives customers a solid competitive edge over other solutions available in the market place.

Features of J Vigilant

Intelligence Used

J Vigilant is not just another off-the-shelf system that is available in the market. There is intelligence behind the system that makes it distinctive and enables organizations to do things beyond just monitoring the movement of the visitors such as maintaining a complete record of visitors’ profile, history, making correlations between incidences and events and lets you see the comprehensive picture.

CNIC Reader

J Vigilant has the unique feature of reading the computerized national identity cards through special ID card reader. It can read the data in national as well as regional languages. It not only reads the CNIC but can update it as well. With this unique feature it gives the authenticate information and eliminates manual data entry time.


Blacklisting Unauthorized Persons

Our solution has the powerful feature of blacklisting unauthorized persons from entering a given place. As the system records and maintains the complete history and profile of the subjects visited the place, any visitor whose information presented does not match his record is not granted access to the area. The information presented by the visitor is verified from the record database and the visitor is blacklisted if the information presented is found to be fake.

Tailor Made Solution

J Vigilant is our own brainchild and that gives us the luxury to customize it according to the business needs and security requirements of clients.

We understand that every business has its own requirements and thus have provisioned for the system to be configured specifically based on functional requirements.

Unlike standard control systems, which require large investments and don’t allow for modifications, our product allows organizations to changed security requirements and will allow them to stay within budget.

J Vigilant Biometric uses automated methods for identifying and verifying a subject based on a physiological characteristic. When a person uses the biometric scanner, it compares the person’s unique characteristics to a template recorded during the enrolment process thereby making it impossible for people to assume other people’s identities.