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We believe our employees are our greatest assets. If you have a desire to learn and to lead, we are eager to acquire the best talent!

Jaffer Consulting (JC)


“The Guiding Light for Big Businesses”

Jaffer Consulting (JC) is a strategic business unit of Jaffer Brothers Private Limited (JBL) and has enjoyed the position of being a Business Alliance Partner (Certified Advantage Partner E Business Suite and Certified Partner Internet Platform) of Oracle Corporation in Pakistan for more than a decade.

JC implemented a suite of in-house Oracle modules at Jaffer Group for its own diverse and multiple businesses during 1997-98. This was part of a strategic business decision of the group made in 1996.

JC has established a proven track record of delivering the most successful Oracle ERP solutions. Its business philosophy is to provide end-to-end IT solutions using the most advanced tools, resources and relevant technologies. It offers a complete set of technology:

  • Applications 
  • Tools
  • Database

Life at JC

In the demanding world of ERP we expect dynamism and a drive to excel from our people to meet business challenges.

To have our people meet the expectation, we provide inspiring leadership, out of the box thinking, polish their skills, encourage information sharing and provide open lines of communication.

Talents of the people are identified and channeled into the optimum direction. Every member of our team is given clear objectives and a supportive culture to meet those objectives in a timely fashion.

We value people with innovative, bright minds and encourage them to be continuously creative and build on fresh insights to find new and better ways of executing business process improvement.

A high quality learning and training experience is provided to them to deliver the best. An open door policy and candid dialogues at all levels encourages information sharing and builds confidence among our teams.

As we spend a great deal of our time at work, we ensure that our people have the best of working facilities and inculcate a culture where we all enjoy doing work. At JC we work like a family with the bitter and the sweet flavors of it, something that we love! We feel enthusiastic for what we do, have confidence in our capabilities to meet the challenges and take pride in the success of our business with our contributions.