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We believe our employees are our greatest assets. If you have a desire to learn and to lead, we are eager to acquire the best talent!

About Lindsay Corporation



Lindsay has become a major worldwide force in expanding the benefits of irrigation while making it more efficient. The company's success comes from finding a better way to irrigate almost any crop on varied terrain and soils to increase yields and better utilize natural resources.

Lindsay is a pioneer in center pivot technology, developing a system which enables irrigation equipment to move easily up and down steep grades. The Zimmatic center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems are now used in numerous countries to enable farmers to increase crop yields while using less water, energy, labor and chemicals.

Today, the application of advanced electronics in irrigation control in such Lindsay products as FieldVISION, FieldBOSS Control Panels and FieldNET remote control and irrigation management system are reducing growers energy, water and labor costs. These products represent state-of-the-art in computerized programming, operation, monitoring and remote control of individual and multiple irrigation systems.

Lindsay acknowledges that its focus on growth carries strong responsibilities to the farmers of the world. Irrigation will play a major role in helping them feed a growing population. As a result, Lindsay is committed to using its technology in ways which can help produce more and better crops while encouraging responsible stewardship of the world's natural resources.