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About Cheminova



Cheminova is a manufacturer of fine chemicals, with its main business area within plant protection products. Cheminova has developed a wide range of plant protection products by in-house process and formulation development, and markets its products globally.

Cheminova was founded in 1938 by chemical engineer Gunnar Andreasen in Copenhagen. During the first years, several chemical products were made, depending on the shortage of a number of original products during the war. In 1944, the founder of the company donated all company shares to the Aarhus University Research Foundation which had been established with the purpose of supporting research at the university. In 1953, Cheminova was relocated to Lemvig in the western part of Denmark.

During the following decades, the company focused on the area of organophosphorous insecticides and intermediates resulting in Cheminova achieving a global leading position in this specific area. The product portfolio has since been expanded to include pyrethroid insecticides, herbicides and fungicides including products such as glyphosate and flutriafol.

JAS & Cheminova

JAS represent Cheminova in Pakistan through one of their leading brand i.e. Fyfanon. It is one of the largest selling organo phosphorous insecticides in the world and one of the most versatile products. Cheminova is the leading manufacturer of malathion and the product is sold worldwide. Fyfanon is used for controlling a wide range of chewing and sucking insects in field crops, fruits and vegetables. Other important uses are grasshopper and locust control, insect vector control, stored grain protection and control of pests in home and garden.