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JAS Crop Production Technology


Farmers face various problems, while cultivation any crops and most of these issues are linked up with each other. For instance, quantity of fertilizer used, affects the crop in many ways. If used in abundance, cause greener crop & attract insects; on if used shorter than required causes the untimely shedding.

This Production Plan has been developed for the farming community, in order to address all crop related issues and is based on a concrete program of development and protection for the crop. To obtain a successful crop, it is also important to understand and implement a concrete tactic for plant development and protection called Integrated Plant and Pest Management.

Cotton - Production Technology Nutrition Management of Cotton
Maize - Production Technology Vegetable - Production Technology
Potato - Production Technology Wheat Production Technology
Tobacco - Production Technology Mango - Production Technology
Sugarcane - Production Technology Rice - Production Technology

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