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Panida Grande


Product Information in Urdu (Flyer)

Product Category: Herbicides
Active Ingredient: Pendimethalin
Chemical Group: Dinitroaniline (DNA)

Core Properties:

• Selective herbicides and effectively control a broad spectrum of annual grasses & broad leaf weeds.
• Flexibility in application technique, effective when applied via pre-plant incorporation, incorporated by sowing process or post plant emergence (non-mechanical incorporation)
• Equally effective against weeds on crops sown on flat land and ridges.
• Longer window (i.e. up to 7 days) for its incorporation into the soil.
• Does not cause stress to the crop.
• Has relatively low volatility & is extremely photo stable.
• Is safe on crops & offer minimal crop pruning.
• Has wide range of compatibility with other herbicides.
• Is an ideal product to use in an integrated weed management strategy as a tool for delaying the onset of weed resistance.
• Is environmentally sound & less likely to leach down.

Mode of Action:
Panida Grande disrupts cell division and cell elongation in shoot and root meristems of susceptible plants. Germination of plants is unaffected by the herbicides; growth inhibition and subsequent death occur following germination of the seed or shortly after emergence from the soil. Typical symptoms of the aerial parts of susceptible dicot (broadleaf) weeds plants that emerge include severe stunting, intense green colouration and a leathery appearance of the cotyedons. Monocot (grasses & sedge) that emerged are stunted & twisted and show a re-purple colouration. Root effects are observed as a characteristics swelling of the tip. Shoot growth inhibition occurs in susceptible monocots after absorption by the coleoptilar nodes, when this meristematic region is in contact with or passes through the area treated with Panida Grande. In dicots, a hypocotyle or hypocotyle hook is the most sensitive site of absorption. Root growth is affected when the root meristem absorbs the herbicides from the soil; however plant kill occur only when the shoot meristem of monocots or dicots contact the herbicides and growth is severely disrupted. Effect on the shoot from the root absorption is a secondary effect, since translocation from root to shoot is minimal. The primary site of action is the growing points of a plant, as Panida Grande does not translocate a great deal from the site of uptake, it is necessary for the emerging seed to absorb Panida Grande from the soil. The mechanism of action of Panida Grande involves inhibition of micro tubule formation in cells. This causes disruption of cell division as the micro tubule spindle fibers that guide chromosomes are absent, the cell plate does not appear and cells do not divide.

Panida Grande is an EC formulation with 435 concentrations.

Target Crops:
Cotton, Potato, Onion, Peas

Target Pest:
• Pre & Post emergence weeds
• All Broad-leaf Weeds
• Grass leaf weeds except Cyperus, Cyanodan dactylon & Solanum nigrum.

Registration Details:
• Panida Grande is form 1 registered product.
• Panida Grande is registered with Rallies India Limited, India.


   Dose / Acre


  750ml / Acre


  750ml / Acre


  750ml / Acre


  750ml / Acre

Method of Application:
Flat Sown Crops:

1) Soon after irrigation for sowing (pacci rauni), plank the field then spray Panida Grande & finally cultivate the land for sowing cotton seeds.
2) Prepare the land after for sowing (pacci rauni), and spray Panida Grande before the last planking & then sow the seed with cultivator.

Crop Sown on Ridges:
First irrigate the land after sowing then spray Panida Grande when land comes into field capacity (vatter condition).

Panida Grande is available in 750ml packing