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Mera 71


Product Information in Urdu (Flyer)

Control Technique Of Parthenium

Product Recommendation by EI


Product Category:   Herbicides
Active Ingredient:    Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate
Chemical Group:     Organophosphate

Core Properties:

  • MERA is the latest in salt and adjuvant technology, a smarter formulation of ammonium salt of Glyphosate.
  • Broad spectrum, systemic high performance and non-selective herbicide.  
  • MERA is a soluble granular formulation and contains ingredients that helps in neutralizing naturally occurring calcium and magnesium ions which can reduce overall herbicidal action.
  • The new MERA is highly soluble and more biologically active than other forms of Glyphosate.  Being very hygroscopic (moisture absorbing), the ammonium salt assists the faster uptake of active ingredient into weeds leading quicker weed control.
  • MERA with new technology, has a blend of non-ionic and cationic surfactants built into the formulation for its unique fast & quick delivery system
  • MERA works mainly on the leaf surface to optimise spreading and maximise spray retention.
  • Ammonia helps to improve the efficacy by encouraging faster uptake and translocation to the roots.
  • MERA is broken down into naturally occurring phosphates and nitrates by micro-organisms in the soil.
  • MERA can be used in non- cropped areas including roadsides, railroads and industrial sites, on golf courses in commercial application to residential sites and in ornamental nursery production. MERA can also be used in cropped area with Foam Nozzle as a directed spray.
  • MERA controls almost all annual and perennial weeds.
  • MERA is low foaming, low toxicity and has no smell. 

Mode of action:

  • MERA belongs to the group of herbicides called Organophosphorus.
  • It acts on the enzyme pathway and works by inhibiting the synthesis of amino acids essential for plant life.
  • Inter cellular movement of ammonium ion is faster due to its size resulting in quick uptake and faster weed kill.

Product highlights

  • A new innovative molecule - the ammonium salt of Glyphosate.
  • It is easy to handle, measure and mix.
  • Broad spectrum, systemic, trans-locative and non selective herbicide.  
  • Controls all types of grass, annual and perennial weeds.
  • Faster in absorption by weeds and quicker in action than any other systemic herbicides of its class.
  • Gives better results even if used with hard water.

Symptoms & precautions

  • Symptoms of translocation and effect of control will be visible from 3rd day onwards.  
  • Use plastic containers and hand operated plastic knapsack sprayers.
  • Use clean water only.
  • Soil moisture is must before spraying.
  • Weeds should be in active vegetative growth stage.
  • Use of foam nozzle / guard is must when using in inter-row application in cropped condition to avoid drift over other desired crops when recommending as inter row.

MERA is an SG formulation with 71% concentration Target Crop: All Crop

Target Weeds:
Seasonal Weeds like Wild oat, Barnyard grass, Itsit, Bathu etc.
Annual Weeds like Jangli Palak, Lehli, Gajjar ghass etc.
Perennial Weeds like Dela, Khabal, Dab, etc.

Registration Details:
 MERA 71 is form 1 registered product.
 MERA 71 is registered with Excel Crop Care Limited, India.


Dose / Acre

Seasonal and Annual Weeds

750 gm / Acre

Perennial Weeds

1200 gm / Acre

Method of Application:

  • When weeds are of 6 ~ 8 inch; spray MERA 71 covering all weeds thoroughly.

Special Recommendation:

  • Always use clean water for preparing spray solution.
  • Use zero drift Nozzle/ Spray shield when spraying in the crop.
  • Do not use Metal sprayers, always use Plastic Sprayers.


MERA 71 is available in 100 grams and 1 kg pack sizes.