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Buffer 25% WP


Buffer 25% WP Brochure


Product Category:        Insecticides
Active Ingredient:        Buprofezin
Chemical Group:            Unclassified

Main Properties:

  • Broad Crop & Pest spectrum
  • Provide control against sucking pests (like cotton White fly, Jassid, Aphids, Rice brown hoppers and Green hoppers )
  • Buffer is  used in cotton and Paddy
  • Buffer can be used as a tank mix partner with other insecticides & Fungicides.

Mode of Action:

  • It acts as contact and stomach poison

Buffer is in WP formulation with 25% W/W concentration.

Target Crops:                     
Cotton and Rice

Target Pest:
Cotton whitefly, Jassid, Aphids, Rice brown Hoppers and Green hoppers

Registration Details:

  • Buffer 25% WP is registered on form 16.



Dose / Acre


Jassids, Aphids Whitefly

500 grams / Acre


Brown and Green hoppers

500 grams / Acre


Method of Application:

  • Apply as foliar spray when pest population reaches at ETL.

Buffer 25% WP is available in 1 kg pouch pack.