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Project Process

HEIS Installation Process

  • Survey
  • Design
  • Installations
  • Commissioning
  • Training
Project starts from collection of required data to design an optimized system in line with specific farm configuration and user expected crop rotation and requirement . JAS qualified team surveys the farmer’s land using GPS receptor for precise land mapping , collect required Soil and water sample ( or available pertinent analysis report ) and complete Farm Survey Questionnaire clarifying all information required for the process with input of farmer. Agronomist discusses/review in particularexisting agronomical pattern, farmer expectation , and appropriate crop rotation for the farmer to harvest optimum benefit of this system.

Smart Design of irrigation system is of prime importance, and must secure in the first place capacity to meet crop water requirement at any stage of the crop life (including years down the line in case of perennial crops ), secure operational condition in line with local Power availability , optimize user’s friendly configuration and the cost.

Once the survey is completed , Design engineers fully trained in drip , sprinkler and landscape projects, and supported by consultation with our respective partners / principals will formalize a project proposal

Designing is carried our taking necessary parameters identified in farm survey making use of expertise developed with relevant software.

Comprehensive design map identifying proposed sections , network specification , and evaluation of key feature as operational time or head unit requirement , and generating detailed identification of all required components will serve as base of project cost projection and reference for future Installation .

( Alternatively specification of Optimal configuration for Central Pivot will be formalised ) Finalization of final design and bill of material for the designed project is prepared and final costing completed after agreement with farmer on project proposal.

In relevant case (for example for Minfal financial support) project validation by respective authority, will be secured, and Installation initiated based upon water and power availability at project location

Installation Of The Project:
Field Support Executives
(FSE) of JAS are responsible for demarcation, Installation and commissioning of the system under direct supervision of respective design engineer.

FSE define in agreement with responsible agronomist start-date and time line for project Installation in close relation with farmer.

At the end of Installation phase testing of system, validation of system parameter in line with project design, training of assigned labor for the system operation is organized and Farmer Booklet is given to farmer as guideline for system operation , maintenance and record keeping .

Testing & Commissisioning Of The Project :
Commissioning of System in presence of farmer and under supervision of responsible agronomist is done to secure following points:
  • That the Installation has been carried out as per the set guidelines anddesign and to test the system before back filling of trenches.
  • That eventual initial leaks ( pipeline joints , the grommet take off , valves etc ) are corrected
  • In case of Sand filter to initiate back flush and check ;integrity of mushrooms and maintenance of adequate sand level.
  • That Disc filter and fertilizer tank is thoroughly cleaned.
  • That Laterals are flushed out and that pressure at lateral end is available for proper discharge through emitters and minimum clogging risk .
  • That Pressure at various points in the system is in line with specification.
  • That Practical Farmers Training for operation and Maintenance of the system is taking place .
  • That farmer is trained to run the system properly , according to crop requirement
  • Maintenance manual , Log book are delivered to the farmer and Project manual including key guide line for water and fertigation regime are prepared for each project and will be delivered at time of commissioning

An individual project manual called Farmer Booklet is prepared for each project which contains relevant project map and specification, Soil and water analysis reports, specific Maintenance recommendation when required.

Irrigations and Fertigation guideline and monthly recommendation as per expected crop pattern are included to support appropriate use of system in view of plant growth and average monthly weather pattern in the region .

Regular visit of JAS Agronomist will allow to analyse project utilization and performance , based upon log book analysis , review of actual agronomical status of crop and advise farmer for improvement of irrigation and /or fertigation pattern in view of crop stand when necessary , as well as conduct additional operator training when required for system management , routine maintenance , filter cleaning , chlorination or acid treatment when required .