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How to apply for PIPIP subsidy scheme?

  • Contact nearest water management office or any short listed Service & supply company (SSC)
  • Submit your application in concerned D.O. Office along with following documents:
    • Application form
    • Copy of N.I.C
    • Fard
    • Affidavit mentioning that farmer has not availed government subsidy for HEIS for more than 7.5 acres.
    • “Form 00” showing farmer’s consent for authorizing particular SSC to carryout survey and design.
  • SSC will survey the farm. Collect soil & water samples and gather detail information like source of power, farm operations, predominant cropping pattern and other relevant data on a farm survey questionnaire.
  • SSC will Design HEI schemes in accordance with acceptable standards keeping in mind the necessity to keep the costs optimum while ensuring trouble free operation and provide technical proposal and cost estimates to farmer for his agreement and then submit it to DO & consultant
  • Consultants review the technical proposal and approve the same after verifying all design parameters.
  • Consultants will visit the site to ensure that all the prerequisites necessary to operate the system are available at site like availability of land, power source, water source and then approve the site.
  • As soon as design is approved and site is verified farmer will pay his share via Demand Draft in the name of SSC and DD will be submitted in concerned D.O. Office.
  • Tripartite Agreement will be signed among SSC, Farmer and Govt. department. It is mandatory that this document should be signed before issuance of work order.
  • After work order issuance SSC will discuss the installation plan with farmer & procure material at site.
  • Before material dispatch farmer will ensure that all the prerequisites at farmer end are ready, like availability of pond ( if required), availability of bore, availability of electric wire to run the motor, availability of source of energy if required & incase of new orchard field layout should be available at the site.
  • As soon as material reaches at site, consultants verify the same and allow for installation work.
  • Installation will be done by SSC. Farmer will provide his representative at the site who will be trained by SSC during installation.
  • After installation internal commissioning will be done, project documents will be handed over to farmer.
  • Consultant verify the system commissioning and process the commissioning documents,
  • Service and Supplier Company will arrange farmer training on following points:
    • Operations of the System
    • Maintenance of the system including filtration & flushing system, flow monitoring etc.
    • Acid treatment and chlorination
    • Agronomic practices for the crop/s grown
    • Handling of the system after harvest, storage
    • Provide operation and maintenance manual to the farmer at the time of installation